Dates to Remember
2016 - 2017
Future Developments
The third & the fourth phases of our development are wide placed in such an manner when completed Shaar Hashamaim will have the full Jewish Infrastructure within its complex. The third and fourth phase will be taken up concurrently to build a full fledged Community Center having in it Educational - Cultural - Social and Religious activities whereby all Jews, children, youth, eves young and old can take part and make every possible use of all facilities which will be provided therein. In this project we are planning to build two halls and eight rooms including a Conference / Seminar room. This project being very enormous in nature would be costing us RS. 1,50,00,000/- i.e. approx. $4,00,000/-. The work on this project is proposed to start in 1st January 2008 after celebrating the Synagogue's 128th Anniversary on 9th December 2007.
We sincerely hope that this dream of ours is realised in the setting up of the Community Center as planned out with the help of Jewish Organisations and Institutions so also Jewish Charitable Trust all over the World who will be inclined to help us in setting up this Jewish Infrastructure in the city of Thane for the benefit of the largest Jewish Community in India thereby making Shaar Hashamaim the Center of all Jewish Activities. We look forward to your support and active co-operation.
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