Dates to Remember
2016 - 2017
How the Synagogue came into Existence
During the years the Jewish community in Thane increased whereby it was felt that a Synagogue should be built wherein all the Jews contributed and the Shaar Hashamaim - Gate Of Heaven Synagogue came into existence when the foundation stone for building the Synagogue was laid on 26th March 1878 and was completed on 29th December 1879 and dedicated and consecrated on 30th December 1879 during the festival of Chanukka. The centenary of the Synagogue was held in 1979. The Synagogue was further renovated and beautified after completing 120 years in the year 1999. The Renovated Synagogue ceiling and beautified Synagogue was dedicated on 3rd September 2000.
During the years Shaar Hashamaim - Gate Of Heaven Synagogue, Thane became a important center of Jewish activities. Today, 40% of the Jewish population in India are residing in and around the city of Thane . The Jewish activities have grown out of proportion to such an extent that the need is felt to develop the existing facilities so as to accommodate the needs of the Jewish people taking the facilities from Shaar Hashamaim.
Shaar Hashamaim has a Youth Club so also a Eve's Association, Indian Zionist Association and also a Jewish Welfare Association affiliated to the Synagogue.
Shaar Hashamaim is affiliated to the "Council of Indian Jewry" which is a registered representative body of Indian Jews which is affiliated to the World Jewish Congress, The Commonwealth Jewish Council and the Asia Pacific Jewish Association. The Synagogue is also affiliated to the Sephardi Federation of Indian Jewry which is affiliated to the World Sephardi Federation and the World Zionist Congress. 
The Synagogue also has Kosher Meat and Chicken available at all times. It conducts daily prayer service which includes Shabbath and High Holiday Festivals which are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm amongst the Jewish Community. We have had a lot of Jewish visitors from all over the world who have carried back with them good and ever lasting memories of Shaar Hashamaim Synagogue.
We are also proud to have within our community the only Rabbi in India , Rabbi Abraham Benjamin and Mohel Moses Abraham Phansapurkar who are associated with Shaar Hashamaim in every manner.
Shaar Hashamaim is proud to have the first Indian Rabbi from amongst its members. Rabbi Abraham Benjamin has the distinction of being the first and the only Rabbi in India . He has a lot of experience and leads the Jewish Community in India particularly Thane in all the religious aspects. Rabbi Abraham is also the official Rabbi in India of the Rabbinate of Jerusalem. He is the Rabbi for the El - Al Israel Airlines in India . Rabbi Benjamin has the distinction of being associated with this Synagogue since his birth as his circumcision, Bar - Mitzvah, Huppa - Marriage Ceremony was performed in this Synagogue. He is available to each and every one at any given moment for all Religious advise and guidance.
He was recently felicitated on 1st January 2002 as the first Indian Benne - Israel Rabbi by the Orthodox General Assembly and the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem and was further felicitated by the Jewish Community of India on 24th February 2002 at the Gate Of Heaven Synagogue, Thane.
Shaar Hashamaim is proud to have the Mohel amongst the members of the Synagogue. The Mohel Mr. Moses Abraham Phansapurkar who is an Income Tax Officer has the distinction of being the successful Mohel who has completed over 800 circumsicions in India.
He is being felicitated by Rabbi Abraham Benjamin on completing 30 successful years serving the Community Honorably as the Mohel during the 121st year celebration of the Synagogue in December 2001.
He is presently the only Jewish personality to be promoted as an Income -Tax Officer for which he was felicitated on 28th July 2002 by the Jewish Community at the Shaar Hashamaim Synagogue.
The members of the Shaar Hashamaim Synagogue are very fortunate to have amongst them Mr. Ezra Moses who has devoted a lot of time towards the development of the Synagogue.
Mr. Ezra Moses is associated with the Synagogue for the last 23 years is a person having a mission to serve the Community with a clear vision for the future development of the Synagogue making a Community Center which will benefit all Jews and this will build "Relationships to last Generations" for the Jewish Community of Thane.