Shaar Hashamaim(Gate of Heaven) Synagogue, Thane
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141 Year Celebration - President Samuel Elijah Daniel Addressing Attendees
141 Year Celebration - Raphael, Salome, Samuel, Abraham Moses, Abraham Shalom, Raymond, David
141 Year Celebration - Cake
141 Year Celebration - President Cuts The Cake
141 Year Celebration - Prayer Time - Salome, Nissim, Samuel, Simon & Meron
141 Year Celebration - Chanukkah Lighting - Dr. Yoram Benjamin & Abraham Dudhkar
141 Year Celebration - Community Reciting Chanukkah Prayers
141 Year Celebration - President Sharing Cake With Abraham
141 Year Celebration - Salome Receiving Flower Bouquet from President
141 Year Celebration - Shofar Blowing by David Benjamin Yehuda
141 Year Celebration - Blowing of Shofar By Eli Raymond Ramrajkar
141 Year Celebration - Chanukkahs lit
141 Year Celebration - Samuel offers cake to David


Welcome to Shaar Hashamaim Synagogue, Thane. Primary mission of this organization is to keep the community bonded together. This is being achieved by providing and maintaining a place of worship where everyone can come together for daily, weekly and holiday prayers.

In addition to this, Shaar Hashamaim trust maintains a Library of books, Guest rooms, Meeting rooms, Mikveh, Kosher shop, Hebrew classes, Learning Seminars, Health Camps etc. on its premises.

Shaar Hashamaim also conducts social functions on Sukkoth(dinner under Sukkah), Chanukah(anniversary celebration), Purim(fancy dress competition) and Pesach(Seder night), Shavuoth etc. for young and old to bond together.

Web Application :

Members and non-members of the synagogue are equally entitled to use this application. You are free to view the contents of this website such as information about Shaar Hashamaim, contact information, view photos & videos of past events, use dates calculator, use calendar to view Hebrew dates, candle lighting times, this week's Parasha/Haftara etc. If you wish to order services, book guest rooms/meeting rooms, use library functions, reserve miscellaneous services, donate or pay individual dues, you will have to register yourself by clicking 'New Member Registration' icon under 'My Account' menu on the menu bar. Simply fill in a form to auto-generate User-Id, create secret password and you are good to go.

This application originally was developed essentially to be used on Laptop/Desktop only but, owing to the fact that most people these days use mobile phones even for surfing internet and therefore we developed another application to suit the need of those who will use smartphones to access Shaar Hashamaim website.

This application is developed and maintained keeping the community in mind with an objective to provide an easy to use gateway to keep informed about the Synagogue, it's events, request services, book rooms, use library functions etc. with the click of a button from comfort of your home or office.

Disclaimer :

We have taken enough care to ensure that, this application facilitates you in successfully using our services. However, for any reason if you experience difficulty in using this application or this application does not produce desired results, please call 91-9930880868. We will listen to you carefully and try to resolve the issues you have, or guide you in using this application. Since this is done in a good faith, you will not hold anyone responsible for any system failures, missed anniversary dates, confusion while making service/room reservations etc. We promise you to make improvements if any, for future use.

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