Shaar Hashamaim(Gate of Heaven) Synagogue, Thane
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How the Synagogue came into Existence

In the 19th Century, the most Jewish Community in Mumbai lived within South Mumbai in the localities such as Madavi, Sandhurst Road, Mazgaon, Umerkhadi, Dongri and Buculla and Jacob Circle.

In the late 19th century, the Jewish community in Thane increased rapidly. The need to have a Synagogue for Thaneites was felt. The Jews from Thane contributed hard earned money to the Synagogue fund and the the foundation stone for the Synagogue building was laid on 26th March 1878. The construction for Shaar Hashamaim - Gate Of Heaven Synagogue building was completed on 29th December 1879 and was dedicated and consecrated to the community during the festival of Chanukah on 30th December 1879. The centenary celebration of the Synagogue was held in 1979.

Shaar Hashamaim has a Youth Club, an Eve's Association, Indian Zionist Association and also a Jewish Welfare Association affiliated to the Synagogue.

Shaar Hashamaim is affiliated to the "Council of Indian Jewry" which is a registered representative body of Indian Jews which is affiliated to the World Jewish Congress, The Commonwealth Jewish Council and the Asia Pacific Jewish Association. The Synagogue is also affiliated to the Sephardic Federation of Indian Jewry which is affiliated to the World Sephardic Federation and the World Zionist Congress.

Shaar Hashamaim conducts daily prayer service which includes daily prayers and prayers on Shabbath and High Holiday Festivals which are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm amongst the Jewish Community. We had a lot of Jewish visitors from all over the world who have carried back with them good and ever lasting memories of Shaar Hashamaim Synagogue.

We are also proud to have within our community the only Indian Jewish Rabbi in India , Rabbi Abraham Benjamin and Mohel Moses Abraham Phansapurkar who are associated with Shaar Hashamaim at all times.

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